Sustainability Policy


As a family owned and operated business, Ravenworth Limited believe in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating the highest standards of social responsibility. We recognise that by fulfilling our moral, legal and financial obligations to our stakeholders, we can create significant and tangible benefits to the business today and for future generations. 


Social Responsibility 


Social responsibility has been a core value of Ravenworth since it’s inception and we continue to incorporate ethical and responsible practices across all aspects of our work, including the following key areas: 


  • Employee Health & Wellbeing – Promoting both mental and physical health across the Ravenworth workforce. 
  • Community Engagement – Supporting the local community through employment opportunities. 
  • Philanthropy – Supporting local organisations and charities. 




As an established window manufacturing business, we fully recognise that the way we conduct our business impacts the environment. We understand the need to work with our supply chain and commercial partners to deliver products and services which are ethically and sustainably sourced and have minimal negative impact on the environment. As the business landscape evolves and our business continues to grow, we recognise the importance of operating a company based on integrated sustainability; economic, environmental and social for long-term business success.  

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